At Jungles Edge we pride ourselves on customer service and treating each guest and staff member as family. Whether you are staying for one night or one month, you will be taken care of with tremendous passion and hospitality. While we are no small retreat center, we still feel it is necessary to keep the core values we started with when Jungles Edge was just an idea. Family, tranquility, health and happiness are embodied by everyone here.

David “Big Wave Dave” Maher (Owner)

David Maher is the Jungles Edge visionary and business owner. He traveled from his home in Virginia Beach, Virginia to Costa Rica for 13 years exploring and enjoying family vacations with his wife, Edie and his 3 children, Chase, Britni & Kelsey, before finding his dream location here in Nosara. Now, he is living his amazing dream and sharing it with others here at Jungles Edge. The perennial surf, people, culture and the jungle environment in Costa Rica bring David such a deep sense of satisfaction, he says only one word truly summarizes his life here, “blessing.” His ideal day includes guiding guests to secret surf spots and practicing martial arts on one of Costa Rica’s largest open air fitness studios; where else but here, where he has built this beautiful resort and retreat center. David’s huge heart for hospitality invites you to come join him in experiencing the amazing Costa Rican Jungles Edge.

Edie Maher (Owner/Reservations)

With a heart of gold and a keen eye for creativity, Edie is the true visionary of hospitality and total comfort at Jungles Edge. Along with her husband Dave, Edie has been traveling Costa Rica for over a decade. When she is not making sure everyone around her is happy, you can find her practicing yoga, pilates or taking a barre class. Edie manages all the reservations and customer relations here at Jungles Edge. Her two dogs, Luna and Roxy, can be found running around enjoying life with all of our guests.

Chase Maher (Marketing & Group Retreats)

Chase is a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in Mass Media Communications and a minor in Psychology. He is always looking to improve his overall fitness and health through surfing, muay thai kickboxing, yoga and clean healthy eating. He has been going to Costa Rica since he was a kid and has a great deal of respect for the country and its people, many being his close friends. With Jungles Edge, he is the Director of Marketing as well as our Group Retreats Coordinator. He, along with Datagonia Web Solutions, also designed our wonderful website. Chase also runs all of our social media outlets including Facebook (Jungles Edge) and Instagram (Jungles_Edge).

Jon Mangogna (Fitness)

W.I.T.S. Certified personal Trainer & TRX Certified

Jonathan has always possessed a passion for health and physical fitness. His fitness career flourished at a young age, where he was actively involved in Judo for thirteen years. He competed and placed in two of the largest tournaments, including the U.S. Junior Nationals and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. Jonathan finds endless opportunities, in and out of the gym, to incorporate a fitness-based life that is challenging, yet fun. He has a passion for surfing, kayaking, snowboarding and swimming. His love for being active, combined with his knowledge and respect for the body, has created an understanding of the importance of balance, strength, endurance and flexibility. Jon believes that fitness is a way of life and that it is essential to find a balance of the mind and body, through diet and physical activity. Jonathan understands that every person is unique in respect to their personal goals, present state of health and physical capacity. He aspires to meet each client wherever they are on their own fitness journey and will create a personalized plan to help maintain and motivate. He specializes in multi- disciplinary training, which includes weight loss/gain, core conditioning, TRX, kickboxing, as well as strength and flexibility.

Tina Holst (Yoga & Surf)1601921_10202888185626694_1853274006_o10547222_10204614665267606_1182505445575354613_o

She was born and raised in Germany, but the last 5 years she traveled a lot for gaining new experiences in yoga and surf. She loves the ocean and spends as much time as possible at the beach or in the water. She studied International Management and worked for companys like Philips and Unilever. Due to a market analysis about the bread market in Costa Rica she fell in love with this beautiful country and decided to stay here. She loves traveling and learning while she travels around the world . She worked as yoga teacher and SUP-Surf Instructor in Mexico and Germany. She did her Yoga Teacher Training (400h), her Yoga Personal Trainer (80h) and Ayurvedic Health Consultant course (380h) in a Sivananda Ashram in Germany. She did the Creative Dynamic Vinyasa Flow course (50h) here at the Nosara Yoga Institute. So, Tina could offer you Surf and SUP lesson, SUP Yoga, ayurvedic health consultation and also her powerful, but still relaxing hatha and vinyasa yoga classes. In addition she is experienced in coaching for private focused yoga classes, including ayuryoga. Her classes offer a great physical challenge, she will guide you to push your boundaries, but at the same time help you listen to your own body to make sure you stay with yourself and never feel any pain. Tinas voice will guide you from the outside to the quiet place within you, to find peace in stillness and come to a new deeper relaxation. Due to her connection of yoga and spirituality, she will challenge you to take what you learn on the mat and off the mat into your daily life. She is fluent in english, spanish and german and also writes for the blog One of another passion is training for local kids. She likes to live the latin american way of life.

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